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Wedding Party
At Chris's Passenger Service we also can organise Tours, Weddings, Events and conferences, Airport Transfers tailored to your needs. BOOK NOW


Experience Day tours of the area with Chris's Passenger Services, small groups tours of up to 7 can discover some of the most beautiful areas in and around the Narooma area. Experience our abundant nature and wildlife, with pristine beaches, inland lakes, mountain scenery, Aboriginal culture, and experience our delicious seafood cuisine, with many fine restaurants in our region. On the day you can do short Walks and discover some of the most beautiful areas in Narooma and the surrounding areas. All these tours can be tailored to your individual needs or preferences. There is also 8 brewery's in our area, so if you would like to do a brewery tour call Chris's Passenger Service for details. BOOK NOW

Chris’s Passenger Service travels to Moruya Airport down to Merimbula Airport, and serviceing surrounding areas.
You can book Online, or call for a quote 0414 703 898. From Narooma area it is $150 incl. GST to Moruya, and to Merimbula from Narooma is $310 incl. GST. We work on about $3 a kilometre, from the Narooma area, this can be flexible depending on the journey. BOOK NOW


If your going to, or organising a Conference in the area and need people to get to the venues from the Moruya or Meriumbulla airports, Chris's Passenger Service can arrange transport by ringing our booking service for a quote.
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